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Successful You!


Harry Singer

Harry and Paige Singer

Entrepreneur, #1 best water sales coach,

Husband, father and motivational speaker

At thirteen, I decided to be a millionaire. I remade that choice every day until my dream became reality.


Today my ventures span the globe. You can stay at my apartment complexes, grab a drink at one of my bars, wash with soap from my factories, or play with Bentley our baby French Bulldog.


Your limits lie at the edge of ambition. With desire, you cut a path towards success. Obstacles lurk along the way, and that's why you bring a guide. That is why coaching exists. I owe my success to perseverance and a willingness to learn from those that came before me.


Your future needs a roadmap.  I can show you the way.  Work with the here and now, how can you close more business today? How can you get closer to your goals right this moment?


Make desire the fuel and ignite your success.

Every year, organizations invest billions in new training that fails to produce the desired results. Why? The primary reason is a misunderstanding of how to produce sustained change. Change requires altering neuropathways in the brain. The neuroplastic nature of our brains allows us to learn new ways to think, act, feel, and be in the world.

Learning new information is the first step in enabling a new way of thinking — a new mindset.


But it’s not enough to just learn new information. By thinking and acting in different ways, new choices appear that we may not have recognized previously. With these new choices comes new ways to act and behave. This, in turn, opens us up to new experiences. The end product of any experience is an emotion. To produce lasting change, therefore, we must engage the emotions that — until now — have shaped our lives, and connect new emotions with new experiences. The result? We are able to step into a new future.

The Change Your Mind…Create New Results program is designed to engage and involve participants through various teaching modalities including individual and group activities, videos, skills practice, and direct application for key learning takeaways.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

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